Hoe de COVID-19 crisis verandering zal brengen net zoals de HIV/AIDS epidemie.

Een interessante opinie uit een overigens zeer interessant stuk uit Politico, een onlinekrant met politieke actualiteiten van twee voormalige Washington Post journalisten. 34 denkers komen aan het woord over hoe de Coronacrisis de VS, en ook de wereld zal veranderen.

New forms of reform.
Jonathan Rauch is a contributing writer at the Atlantic and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

One group of Americans has lived through a transformational epidemic in recent memory: gay men. Of course, HIV/AIDS was (and is) different in all kinds of ways from coronavirus, but one lesson is likely to apply: Plagues drive change. Partly because our government failed us, gay Americans mobilized to build organizations, networks and know-how that changed our place in society and have enduring legacies today. The epidemic also revealed deadly flaws in the health care system, and it awakened us to the need for the protection of marriage—revelations which led to landmark reforms. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some analogous changes in the wake of coronavirus. People are finding new ways to connect and support each other in adversity; they are sure to demand major changes in the health-care system and maybe also the government; and they’ll become newly conscious of interdependency and community. I can’t predict the precise effects, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing them for years.

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